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The Alliance For Freedom From Alimony, Inc. is a non profit Florida Corporation formed exclusively to Reform the current Alimony Laws. We will educate the general public on the way that the State imposes lifetime Alimony on, mostly men, requiring them to pay involuntarily against their will under threat of jail, for the rest of their natural life. We will provide assistance mentally, emotionally, and judicially to individuals that need our assistance to engage in the program to Reform Alimony Laws.

The forceful collection of lifetime Alimony is a form of involuntary servitude, prohibited by the 13th Amendment to the Constitution. It also violates the laws against "PEONAGE" and the new 9th Amendment to Florida's Constitution.
There is "No Right To Alimony."

Our organization is dedicated to eliminating this form of Involuntary Servitude called "ALIMONY". We are engaged in educational, political and judicial means to stop this abuse that presently exists.

Both the State and Federal Constitutions have equal protection clauses that idenifies that we are all equal in the eyes of the Law. However, there still exists laws on the books of statues that make one class less equal than another and those are the laws of Alimony. Never before has a potential court challenge to those laws existed as they do today, in the State of Florida. Indeed in 1979 the U.S. Supreme Court struck down Alabama's law that provided Alimony only to women.

Women are no longer, the property of men, non-voters, uneducated and whose only career options were to become school teachers or prostitutes, as the old men argued. We represent male voters and their second wives who in many cases live substandard to their first wives. We have heard too many horror stories from men, who have been horribly treated in matters of divorce. There are pretended financial "dependents". These will reduce a man to ruin through biased courts, and enemies in the increasingly venomous battle of the sexes.

Generally trial lawyers are in love with the current system of Alimony. We would expect they would consider Alimony Reform to be a major reduction in billable hours, however there may be exceptions.


We offer a disclaimer that this website does not represent legal advice nor is it a solicitation for legal work.

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