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Legal Filings

Declaratory Judgment Lawsuits
Challenging The Constitutionality
Of The Alimony Statutes

"Before the last 40 years, who ever heard of a lower level civil court judge having complete control over a person's life till they died - in America ? What makes it all the more unbelievable, to the point of being silly, is that it's over a broken state marriage license."  -- James Darden

Note: For information on references cited in the Federal Cases below, click here.

Glossary of Terms

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2nd District Court of Appeals
Cabana v. Zingale
Case # 2D06-5577

Lower Tribunal - Twelfth Judicial Circuit in Sarasota County, FL
Civil Division Case # 06 CA 5063 SC

Armellini v. Zingale
Lower Tribunal - Eleventh Judicial Circuit in Dade County, FL
Civil Division Case #06-19391 CA 06

Phillips v. Zingale
Lower Tribunal - Fourth Judicial Circuit in Duvall County, FL
Civil Division Case #

Fifth District Court of Appeals

Radloff v. Zingale
Civil Division Case #4D06-1998



Ortiz v. LeBovidge
Superior Court Dept. Of the Trial Court, Taunton, MA

Civil Action No.: BRCV2006-01092-B

Ernest Ortiz v. Commissioner Massachusetts Dept. of Revenue & Catherine J. Ortiz
Commonwealth of Massachussetts Appeal Court
Case No.: NO. 2007-P-1390


Important Case Law References

Other Federal and State Filings


Barefield v. Barefield


Barna v. Barna

Cabana v. Mayo. For additional filings click here

Futch v. Futch

Greenberg v. Zingale, Civil Case #04-80443-Civ/Ryskamp

  • Federal Appeal--11th Circuit Court of Appeals
    Greenberg v. Zingale - Case # 05-10187-FF/

Greenberg v. Greenberg, Colbart & Fine, Civil Case #04-80669-Civ/Zloch

Gogola v. Zingale


Cormier v. Georgia Dept. of Human Resources



Burns v. Gocon


Stanley v. Stanley: Case No. 05-0281-CV-W-GAF

Stanley v. Stanley: Circuit Court Case No. 16DR96-8993-04

Stanley v. Grate, et al: Western District Court of Appeals Case No. WD66453

Stanley v. Stanley: Federal Court Case No. 06 0752 CV-W-GAF

Stanley v. Grate, et al Federal Court Case No. 07-1304

Stanley v. Grate, et al Federal Court Case No. 07-2069

Stanley v. Grate, et al Federal Court Case No. 07-2390

Stanley v. Grate, et al Federal Court Case No. 07-3728

Stanley v. Grate, et al Federal Court Case No. 09-2198 - federal court civil rights case filings related to improper state judicial conduct in alimony cases.

Stanley v. Grate, et al On Petition for a Writ of Certiorari To The United States Court of Appeals For the Eighth Circuit

New Jersey

Damiani v. Damiani:  Case No. FM-94-898-04

New York

Rosenberger v. New York Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance

South Carolina

Mills v. Mills


We offer a disclaimer that this website does not represent legal advice nor is it a solicitation for legal work.

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