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News Worth Noting

  • Alliance for Freedom from Alimony Reform, Inc and myself have nailed down the exact location and time for the special screening of the movie “Divorce Corp”. It will be shown at the Alco Capital Theatre in Boynton Beach, Fl. Boynton Beach is about 10 miles South of WPB. The date will be Saturday April 12th, ShowTime will be at 4:30. The Alco Capital Theatre is extremely easy to get to. It sits between I95 and the Florida Turnpike, about one mile from each. DVDs and Blue Ray copies of the movie for sale at the screening. I hope to meet as many of you as I can at the screening. Please let all your friends in SE Florida about the screening.

    What:Screening of the movie Divorce Corp
    When: Saturday, April 12th at 4:30
    Where:Alco Capital Theatre
                  9764 S. Military Trail
                  Boynton Beach, Fl. 33436

    Your Attendance and Spreading the word is greatly appreciated, Larry Rutan

  • The Alliance for Freedom From Alimony, Inc. in cooperation with Florida Alimony Reform will sponsor the showing of the Movie: "Divorce Corp." in Tallahassee Florida at the Sheraton 4 points theater located at 316 West Tennessee Street on Wednesday, March 12. Starting time will be 7:00 PM
    This movie is a real eye opener and everyone concerned with Alimony Reform should see it. We are asking all of you to personally invite your state representatives and Senators to this showing. It is educational and complimentary.

    Alliance for Freedom From Alimony, Inc. R. C. (Dick) Lindsey, chairman

  • August 30, 2013 - It has been reported that Florida's Governor Rick Scott is a graduate of Southern Methodist University LAW SCHOOL. The Governor worked at the Johnson & Swanson law firm in Dallas Texas. This helps explain why he vetoed the legislators Alimony Reform bill which was openly opposed by the divorce lawyers

  • May 2, 2013 - Florida Governor Rick Scott has VETOED the modified Alimony Reform bill, S.B. 718. The Senate rules committee chaired by Sen. John Thrasher, a lawyer, from Jacksonville had already removed much of the original intent of this bill.
    With no-fault divorce and lifetime Alimony it is not safe for anyone to get married now.

  • Modified Alimony Reform Bills filed in Florida
    Rep. Ritch Workman has filed H.B. 231
    Sen. Kelli Stargel has filed S.B. 718
    These are modified Alimony REform bills:
    A full text of these bills is available on the Florida legislators web site.

    The Alliance for Freedom From Alimony, Inc. has asked that the phrase "Not to exceed 2 years" be added to the retirement section of these bills at H.B. line 69, S. B. line 134

    Please contact your state legislators and request that this change be made to these bills.

                                                                          FLORIDA ALIMONY REFORM

    "Contrary to the claims of special interest groups such as FAR, Florida's current alimony laws are neither outdated nor antiquated. Florida's Family Law Section has worked on changes to the alimony statutes over the past several years. As a result of our efforts, Florida's alimony laws were completely overhauled in 2010 and additional changes took place last year. We are, therefore, years ahead of Massachusetts in this area. And, despite the extensive changes to the alimony statute in the past couple of years, this year we have actively worked with legislators and the FAR to address their concerns and issues. Comprised of mainly unhappy male alimony payers (a number of whom agreed to pay the alimony they now complain about), FAR seeks only to limit and/or eliminate alimony awards."

    David L. Manz
    President Florida Family Law Section

    Contrary to claims of special interest groups such as the Florida Family Law Bar and their stakeholders, Florida’s current alimony laws represent a patchwork of changes designed to give alimony a semblance of 21st century character while being rooted in 18th century social mores’. Despite the Family Law Bar’s insistence that alimony laws have been overhauled, the reality is that the bar has simply spray painted the rust and underneath is the same old worn out bucket of bolts being sold as “new and improved”. While it’s true the Bar has worked with the legislature to address concerns about the law, the end result has always been to protect the Bar’s interests by continuing to maintain a revenue stream to family law attorneys at the expense of the civil rights of those required, by statute, to pay alimony in real or relative perpetuity. The claim by the Bar that alimony is somehow, in any instance voluntary, ignores the ruling by the 2nd DCA that “alimony is an entitlement granted by statute and cannot be waived”. Thus, making alimony equivalent to mandatory in most cases whether agreed upon or not and rendering the alimony statutes not much more than a tool of coercion to subjugate one party in a divorce to the legal process. It’s time for real and honest change and the Family Law Bar should step aside or become true representatives of the rights of liberty guaranteed to every American under the Federal and Florida Constitutions that protects them from overreaching by the state into their private lives.

    Robert Sell
    Alliance for Freedom from Alimony

  • 11/18/11 - Breaking News: Alimony reform advances in Florida House and Senate.
    This is great news for Florida Alimony Reform and for all our members.

    Our years of working toward this moment have been rewarded. We have convinced key legislators that our state's Alimony laws are terrible broken ----and they have adopted our strategies to begin fixing them.

    Two key legislators have recently introduced identical bills in the House and Senate that will bring our Alimony laws into the 21st century.

    Rep. Ritch Workman (30 Brevard County) and Sen. Miguel Diaz de la Portilla (36 Miami) are spearheading Florida's journey to Alimony equity. To read their bills as filed, H. B. 549 and S.B. 748, please click on the following links.

    [View/Download House Bill HB 549]
    [View/Download Senate Bill SB 748]

    There will be more news in the days and weeks ahead about how you can help turn these bills into law. We still have a long way to go to prevail, and Tallahassee is a complicated place, far from where most of us live and work. To make our voices heard, it will cost MONEY. Please donate anything that you can. The Alliance is a nonprofit Florida corporation and contributions are tax deductable. (501-c-3)

    H.B. 549 and S.B. 748 include provisions that will:
    *Limit the maximum duration of Alimony based on the length of marriage;
    *Terminate Alimony upon full retirement age (currently 66, determined by the U.S. Social Security Administration) except in extreme circumstances;
    *Cap Alimony at no more than 20% of the payer's met monthly income.
    *Allow existing Alimony payers to modify their judgments based on the new law;
    *Revise cohabitation standards;
    *Prohibit using a payer's current spouse's income or assets in modification hearings;
    *Revise provisions for the tax treatment and consequences of Alimony.

    Please take note and make your best effort to be a part of this movement.

    Alliance for Freedom From Alimony, Inc. in corporation with Florida Alimony Reform
  • 06/25/11 - The Billboard's Owner Seeks to Put an End to ‘Permanent Alimony'LAKE WALES | Drivers in Polk County are used to seeing roadside billboards promoting the Florida Lottery. One is a bit different. There's a small billboard on State Road 60 near Lake Wales bringing attention to what the sign's owner calls "the alimony lottery."
  • 03/13/11 - New Alliance billboards erected on Dixie Hwy in Pompano Beach FL. [click thumbnails for larger photo.]


  • 02/08/11 - WCVBTV, Boston: State Could End Alimony For Life LawIf you live in the state of Massachusetts, there's one thing that never ends: alimony. It's a life-long financial obligation that can turn lives and finances upside down. Now a new legislative proposal could radically change that mandate.
  • 02/08/11 - The Huffington Post: Lifetime Alimony in Massachusetts: You're Kidding, Right? Wrong. But on the subject of alimony, forget everything you've heard about Massachusetts. Its alimony laws are medieval. Draconian. Pure insanity.
  • 01/30/11 - The Boston Herald: Reform Could End Alimony for Life: Massachusetts’ alimony-for-life law could come to an end under a “radical” reform bill being pitched by a compromise coalition of divorce attorneys, women’s legal advocates and lawmakers who say the plan is the best chance yet to fix the antiquated system.
  • 08/19/10 - July 14th Letter to Bill McCollum, candidate for governor of FL, requesting his position on Alimony Reform. No reply after over a month. Consider his lack of response when you are at the polls this year.
  • 03/09/10 - HB 277 Defects. Letter from Dick Lindsey to FL Rep. Snyder outlining problems with the bill.
  • 01/18/10 - Representative James Frische's proposed HB277 which is sponsored by  [S.B. 1194] Thad Altman from Melbourne and which ignores the Alliance's proposed revisions below. This new bill does little to solve the present problems inherent in 61.08.
  • 09/30/09 - The Alliance's Proposed Revisions to Florida Statutes 61.08 - Patterned after the ones successfully used in Texas where there is no alimony, only rehabilitative support and limiting it to a maximum of three years in duration.
  • The Taxpayer Costs of Divorce and Unwed Childbearing - A report to the nation by Benjamin Scafidi, an economist in the J. Whitney Bunting School of Business at Georgia College & State University. The co-sponsoring organizations are the Institute for American Values, the Institute for Marriage and Public Policy, Georgia Family Council, and Families Northwest.
  • Spousal Support - The Other Ohio Lottery - A judicial thesis by Ohio Judge Leslie H. Spillane. The subject of this thesis is the inconsistency of spousal support awards in divorce cases in the State of Ohio. The work examines the history of spousal support awards in this state by reviewing Ohio case law from 1897 to the present. It also attempts to show the present extent of the problem of inconsistent awards by publishing the results of a 1997 statewide survey in which judges and magistrates made widely varying awards in five hypothetical cases. The article examines several possible reasons for the inconsistency in spousal support awards, including the changing paradigm for marriage, the lack of a single cohesive theory upon which to base spousal support , and the lack of statutory guidance.
  • 02/15/08 - States Challenge Traditional Alimony - Article in the National Law Journal`
  • 06/10/05 - Chapter 2005-168 - Siplin cohabitation bill - The Florida Legislature passed this bill into law June 10, 2005.

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